A family of immigrants with a dream to build a home outside of their country. Talk about how that dream grew bigger and bigger and strangers eventually became family. Family meant providing and caring for each other. It meant creating a space where everyone could gather around the table and put aside their differences.

The reinforcing element to that strong bond - food. Not just any kind of food. Food with intention. They knew that the most important element to achieving this goal was by building trust. How do we foster trust at Select Pizza Grill? We put our hearts into every dish, only by using the freshest ingredients we can get your hands on. 

Seasoned chefs are elevating a vision that was born 47 years ago in 1974.

Introducing trendier flavors

Homemade recipes, made fresh in each of our restaurants

Give examples: rice bowls, salads, low carb proteins, specialty sandwiches

Brick Oven concept at select locations 

Family Owned, 
Family Operated